November 29th, 2007

Fleur & Lacroix

"Adult Concepts" (But Not Really)

Given the new classification system, in which every LiveJournal defaulted to "No Adult Content" today, I've chosen to re-set this LiveJournal to "Adult Concepts."  Of the three options available, this seemed the one appropriate to Forever Knight, which is my topic here.

There is no adult content on this LJ at this time, and I have no present intention of putting any here.  But for various reasons this seems the prudent course.

(I had thought of playing, "So how would the FK characters set their LiveJournals?"  But perhaps another time.)

On Second Thought, January 11, 2008: I've set the journal back to a "No Adult Content" default.  There hasn't been any "adult" content here, so it's all a moot point.  Isn't it?

BrightKnightie Logo

Nouns of the FK Universe

The big project on Bright Knight over the past year has been developing the Character Directory (People of the FK Universe) and Stuff List (Places and Things of the FK Universe).

Both lists amuse me greatly, but if I have a pet of the two, it's the Stuff List.  The Character Directory shines a spotlight on cool tidbits, such as that "David" is the most common name in FK (seven uses), that Officer Lipinksi is a recurring character (three episodes), and that the anchorman who appears in "Spin Doctor" and "Only the Lonely" is named Steve Tate and so could easily be related to talk show host Jerry Tate (of "My Boyfriend is a Vampire").  But the Stuff Lists wraps me warmly in an FK so tangible, so vivid, that it's as if I've walked off screen and into a larger universe.  Surely the Kitten Club magazine in "Love You to Death" is related to the Kitten Channel that airs Foxy Boxing in "Hunters"?  The list of fictional companies reveals a story equipped with a yellow pages of canonical services.  And Azure is hardly the only restaurant in FK's fictional Toronto -- would you prefer to eat at Artie's with Schanke for the garlic special, perhaps, or Trattoria Roma with Don and Myra, Buckstar's with Tracy, Machelio's with the mob boss, or even Pizza Palace, where Natalie did not spend her twenty-eighth birthday?  What about the Cherry Street Restaurant diner or the Hog Heaven bar?  All completely canonical.  It's so neat!

Yes, I am easily amused.  :-)  I began both lists in August of 2006, taking notes one episode at a time from "Dark Knight" forward.  I slowed and temporarily stalled in third season, I'm afraid, but I'll pick up the pace again soon.  Once I've finished the series, I have a few episodes to go back and double-check (due to notes that I didn't always transcribe soon enough to remember the meaning of my own scribbled marginalia ~g~).