July 4th, 2007


Daniel (FaFi) and Andre (FI)

[Crossposted from forkni-l. Backdated.]

In reply to a question as to who brought Daniel across in the flashbacks of the episode "Father Figure:

The strong implication is that it was Lacroix -- and Nick believes it is Lacroix -- but it happened off-screen, so you can certainly create an interpretation in which Janette is Daniel's maker.  However, as with the Baroness in "If Looks Could Kill," that interpretation runs up against Nick's need to ask, in "I Will Repay," whether Janette has ever brought anyone across, and her clearly saying "no," that she is "too much the glutton" and they have always died before she could bring anyone across.  Collapse )

In reply to a question as to whether the actor who played Daniel grew up to be the actor who played Anakin Skywalker:

Confused, sorry!  It is the young actor who played Nick's nephew Andre in "Fallen Idol" who grew up to play Darth Vader.  I went into that movie as excited about seeing what Fleur's son would look like at that age as anything Mr. Lucas could share with us after the Jar-Jar fiasco.  Collapse )