September 18th, 2006

Character Death

Christy S., deceased

It was posted to the FK lists today that Christy S. recently died.

She posted one fkfic-l story, in December 2004, a Christmas N&Ner song-challenge vignette, and I finally got around to excavating it from my backlog this summer.  I liked it enough to file it with my "potential recommendations," and wrote to her to let her know; I said I'd be happy to read more by her.  She thanked me, and said she doubted her health would let her write fiction again any time soon.

I can never recommend her piece on my site now, as I can never get her permission.  My rule is that I have to have permission.  But for what it's worth, her one story is on the Former FTP Site: "Little Altar Boy."

Addendum December 2010: I've changed the recommendations rule. The project no longer requires permission from deceased authors, just living ones. Christy's "Little Altar Boy" is this month's recommendation of the month.

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