Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Watching the RarelyWritten sign-up summary

The sign-up summary for 2015's [community profile] rarelywritten game (updated hourly) makes it very clear how the matching would go if the sign-ups don't shift between when you view it and when sign ups end tomorrow (Sunday) night. It also opens that matching to a bit of gleeful manipulation, if you'd like to pick up a match in one of the least-requested or least-offered fandoms.

For example, if the matches were made right this minute, then I would necessarily be assigned to write for the only other person who has requested a story in any of my fandoms: that's a Forever Knight request (presumably Greer's). And my prompt slate would necessarily be given to either her or the only other person who has offered a story in any of my fandoms: that's a Highlander offer (presumably ArgentumLS's). No one besides me has yet requested or offered in Battlestar Galactica (1978), Dungeons and Dragons (cartoon) or Young Blades, and no one besides me has yet requested in Highlander. It's cut and dried... and a bit disappointing in its relentless predestination.

With no prejudice at all to Greer, I just wrote for her prompts in 2014's [community profile] fkficfest. It would be more inspiring to address a new audience. And it would be more fun to not know for sure exactly how the matching must fall out. So I keep scanning the summary. I've maxed out on requests, but perhaps I can find another fandom to offer? I'm stumped so far, but fandoms only appear on the list when a request for them registers. Perhaps something will turn up!

(I wish I were a good enough writer and Victorianist to offer Daniel Deronda for the person requesting Gwendolen, but good gravy I couldn't dare to fanfic Eliot. I mean, Eliot.)

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