Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

RarelyWritten nominations close; sign-ups open

<3 A happy Valentine's Day to all. <3

Nominations have closed at [community profile] rarelywritten. They totaled 414 fandoms (meaning at least 83 individual nominators). Sign-ups will be open from February 15 through March 1 on the AO3.

Happily for me, two of my five fandom nominations (HL and FK) did win additional character nominations beyond mine, hinting that other people may also wish to play in those fandoms. My others (YB, BSG78, D&DC) unfortunately didn't, but I won't read too much into that (few people know the other named women characters in those canons, anyway). And while those 414 fandoms are hugely diverse, it looks like no one coincidentally happened to nominate any fandom/character combinations that I can offer outside the fandoms I nominated myself; I'll check every entry in hopes, but none are leaping out at me like they did last year.

(I notice that some of the UK shows have characters nominated from seasons that haven't yet aired in the US. I assume vice versa is also true, and of course more so yet for many other countries. It's interesting how that divide persists and where it doesn't.)

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Tags: fest:rarewomen, ficathons&fests

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