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27 January 2015 @ 10:52 pm
Anyone else interested in playing RarelyWritten this year?  
I am indeed planning to play in [community profile] rarelywritten (the former rarewomen) again, and I'd like to invite you to play, too. It's been a fun game in the past!

Nominations open this coming Friday, and are currently under discussion. (Nominating is not a commitment to play!) All fandoms are eligible. Eligible characters must be not-CIS-men*, and must generate "FEWER than 500 hits on AO3 and FEWER than 200 hits on fanfiction.net for complete fic." (There's some leeway for edge cases and long-moribund fandoms.)

You may nominate up to five fandoms with up to five characters each. I'm planning on Forever Knight (probably Janette, Urs, Fleur, Tracy and... Captain Cohen?), Highlander (Tessa, Anne, Randi, Angie, Michelle), Young Blades (Jacqueline, Queen Anne, Liana the Sorceress, Emanuelle, Pauline), Battlestar Galactica (1978) (Cassiopeia, Serina, Sheba, Athena and... Siress Tinia?), and the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon (Diana, Sheila, Varla and... Karena?).

* I'm still not entirely comfortable with this negative eligibility ("keep out!") replacing the previous positive eligibility ("everyone in who wants in!"), but... did you see the chart I made this past weekend? Our characters and our fandoms deserve better. I'll live with my semantic qualms.

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