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Canon check on significant word choice

From a comment PJ made, I wanted to identify for certain in which Forever Knight episode Nick uses the word "slave" to describe his perception of his unwanted connection to Lacroix (as opposed to Lacroix's perception of Nick as his "brother," "son" or "protégé"). Of course Nick's perception is implicit in many episodes (e.g. "A Fate Worse Than Death," "Strings"...) But where was it explicit?

I'd mistakenly thought that the usage was part of the "I shall repay you" flashback of "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter." But no, it's not on the North American nor German DVDs (I don't have my VCR hooked up anymore to check the original Canadian cut on dubbed VHS ~grin~). What is there is:
NICK: You made me a murderer.
LACROIX: I made you a god! I made you eternal. I made you my brother.
(My memory had mistakenly matched 2:2 in that exchange: murderer/slave to god/brother.)

So where was it? Not the symbol-rich dreams of "Dying for Fame" or "Feeding the Beast." "Curiouser and Curiouser" comes close, but there it's Lacroix who says Nick is "enslaved" (by his guilt). Had I made it up, after all?

No. It's in the flashbacks of "Killer Instinct" (which, chronologically, almost immediately follow the flashbacks of "Dark Knight").
LACROIX: My protégé.
NICK: Your slave.

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