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Amy R.

Fandom Stocking 2014/2015 released

[community profile] fandom_stocking released on Wednesday night. I haven't yet had a chance to look through other people's stockings, see all the goodies, and discover recommendations worth making, but I can tell you what wonderful things people generously gave me in my stocking, and what few things I managed to create myself.

Gifts I received

Gifts I gave

  • To [personal profile] falcon_horus, who requested Fleur, a medieval Forever Knight ficlet titled "Ad Festivum Ignem," from Fleur's perspective. Fleur encounters a different midwinter tradition in her new husband's demesne. (<1K words, G)

  • To [personal profile] wendymypooh, who requested Nick/Natalie, a fluffy Forever Knight ficlet titled "When the Nat's Away," from Sydney's perspective. Sydney decides that he's had enough of Nick. (<1K words, G)

  • To [profile] bethskink, who requested Lacroix & Schanke, a simple Forever Knight drabble titled "The Real Thing," from Lacroix's perspective. Lacroix bumps into Schanke at the DMV. (100 words, G)

  • To [personal profile] pj1228, who requested Nick/Janette, a genre-muddled (romance/angst/humor) Forever Knight short story titled "Designed to be Seen," from Nick's perspective. Nick finds Janette's very fashionable dress very difficult to remove. (>1K words, PG-13)

  • To [personal profile] skieswideopen, a pledge to write a Janette + "outsider perspective" OC story this year.

  • To all the nice people who requested Duncan/Tessa, Richie or Angie from Highlander, expressions of agreement with their excellent taste, and solidarity in wishing for more stories exploring these characters! Maybe next year... maybe this year.

Thank you, everyone!

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