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31 December 2014 @ 06:41 pm
'14 HL Exchange Stories (while still anonymous)  
I didn't read every story in this year's hlh_shortcuts ficathon, but I read most, and it was a good year! They had 21 stories. These are the ones I personally liked best:

  1. "Stars Made of More Than Ticky-Tacky" (gen) — Methos is living an ordinary life. One of his neighbors is extraordinary. Maybe ordinary is extraordinary, when you look right.

  2. "An Audience of Everyone" (gen) — In the wrong place at the wrong time, Amanda is murdered by terrorists live on worldwide television... twice.

  3. "Lumens" (gen) — A serious "Joe's life," from Vietnam to present, with Ian and Darius and others, but in an HL/HP crossover universe where, in due time, Hermione starts showing up at Watcher-run bookstores.

  4. "The Opposite of People" (gen toward Duncan/Methos) — Methos works as crew on a production of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead.

  5. "Practice" (Methos/Gregor) — Gregor wants to make amends for "Studies in Light," but Tessa and Richie are no longer here to forgive him.

  6. "You Get What You Need" (Duncan/Methos) — Ten years post-series. Subtle crossover with Supernatural by way of the Methuselah's Stone. Duncan has been helping rebuild New Orleans after Katrina; now, he wants to reconnect with Methos.

  7. "Stone Fences and Heather" (Duncan/Methos) — A trip together to Glenfinnan to scatter ashes on the loch. Rachel appears. Healing is slow, but home is the goal.

Among the stories I didn't read are the crossovers with Teen Wolf, Moonlight and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Beauty and the Beast fusion. You're on your own with those. ;-) If I overlooked a gem, please let me know!

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