Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Happy Solstice (Duncan's birthday)! Here's new HL fic...

hlh_shortcuts has begun releasing this year's HL gift-exchange stories (4 are up now; 16 more will come throughout the week). I've read those that have released so far; I'll wait to rec until all reveal, but I'm happy to report that there are rec-worthy stories already, a cameo by Rachel, and even a well-calibrated passing mention of Tessa. The mood across those first four stories is ... hopeful.

If you're an HL fan, please consider reading and commenting! (To some extent, what FKFicFest is for FK, HLHShortcuts is for HL.) Let the authors know that their work matters!

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Tags: fandom:highlander, fandoms_not_fk, fest:hlhshortcuts, ficathons&fests

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