Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Here! Really!

I've been reading every post on my f-list/r-circle for the past month and a half, truly, even though I've only rarely had anything to say in reply. I don't think that I've noticed any FK-relevant material for monthly bulletins, except tangentially that someone was researching historical topics that coincidentally swirl around FK's Seline (AMPH), and that a few people included FK in their Yuletide offers or requests.

When I disappear from my fannish journal, it's not because I don't love you guys in specific and fandom in general! (I do! Oh, my, yes! ~grin~) We just all have Real Life. You know the drill.

I have today to myself, though, just the rainy Saturday, household chores and my journal here! Would any of you like to discuss something fannish in one of our shared fandoms? I managed to rewatch FK's "Dying for Fame" last weekend! My best beloved fandoms are FK, HL, YB and BSG'78, of course, but all the rest are happy targets, too. (The '80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon leaps to mind. Or, you know, still-in-production: OuAT, PoI, Grimm, The Paradise (although the BBC pulled the plug there, it's still "in production" until the finale airs everywhere, I figure)... I'm way behind on SH, so, please, no spoilers for it.) I very rarely fall out of love with a story, even when I don't raise it as a subject anymore.

I wish I could commit to the Daily December posting meme, but I know I won't make it, so I'd like to come up with a less demanding alternative. Perhaps one episode rewatch and post per week, with you guys choosing the episodes? Perhaps trading fannish discussion posts 1:1 ("tag! you're it!") with you guys?

I've also been toying -- just a little, lightly -- with the idea of somehow reviving the old 15-minute challenge game (although that has significantly different implications in today's fandom environment than it did in the waning days of email lists).

I have some "gift certificate" pledges from last year's Fandom Stocking yet to fulfill, but aside from those, I've been thinking that if I can ever get back to fanfic writing, I may want to return all the way back to the days of writing my own ideas and hopes, rather than only other people's in exchanges. Exchanges have deadlines, publicity and community, and can be tremendous fun! But, sometimes, exchanges can also be lonely and dispiriting, trying hard to satisfy a requester with different interests and tastes. In email list days, all our games were challenges and round-robins, never exchanges... hmmmm.

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