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06 September 2014 @ 10:06 pm
Fannish Vocabulary Trivia  
(aka What do you call a gen story that sets the stage for a future romance? Anything?)

Is "pre-slash" still a significant genre label, or has it been subsumed into the orientation-agnostic "UST" label? If "pre-slash" is still in wide, active use, did it ever develop a het-specific equivalent? The nuances would be wrong for a precisely mirror term, I realize, as "pre-slash" often applied when building realizations or admissions from subtext rather than text, and het rarely requires foundation-up construction from subtext, but the precise use of words always interests me, and I've seen "pre-relationship" popping up more, too. How similar and how different are all these terms in today's general expectations? Has the emphasis shifted in recent years? Is it still "pre-slash" when the slash is canon?

(I've been reading OuaT, mainly Mulan/Aurora and Hook/Emma, so the question is primarily f/f-inspired now, though past experience with the term was primarily m/m from the sidelines of assorted other fandoms. The term never had wide utility in FK.)

Just curious!

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greerwatsongreerwatson on September 7th, 2014 05:48 pm (UTC)
And then there's the question of whether it's slash if it's canon.

This isn't one of your fandoms, but ... for Yuletide a couple of years ago I wrote a two-chapter sequel to Mary Renault's The Charioteer. Now, the book is canonically m/m; and the relationship is consummated, but only off-screen. Renault believed strongly in fade-to-black; and I followed suit in the sequel.

I have no problem in labelling explicit fanfic in this fandom as slash, whether they're PWP or have a real story as well as the bedroom scene. The writers are doing as Renault would not; so they are violating the canon source.

Contrariwise, I've never thought of this particular story of mine as slash. Sure the two of them get in the bedroom a time or three; but that's consistent with canon. I stick to the author's guidelines, i.e., there's no sex described, fade-to-black only. Instead, I wrote a character piece cum what-happened-next. So ... not slash.

I've a feeling not everyone would agree. :)