Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Fanfiction Recommendations Project

If you would like to share any feedback on my FK fanfiction recommendation-of-the-month project (1999-present), or -- yes, please! -- suggest other FK fanfiction for me to read and recommend, please leave a comment here.

The recommendation-of-the-month project strives to pass on the favor I received when I was a newbie, of directions to specific excellent authors and noteworthy stories among all the bewildering forest of offerings available (even back then, when there was so much less than now).  I try to spotlight thought-provoking, instructive, engaging stories, both old and new, all across the wide spectrum of FK interpretations (although I rarely recommend anything with NC-17 content; perhaps that's a project someone else could take up?).

Each story is recommended with explicit permission of the author.  Period.  No exceptions.  There are stories I'd like to recommend, but whose authors I've been unable to reach, or who have very politely declined to have their fanfiction featured; that's just fine.  I want the project to salute these authors, for whose work we are so grateful; they should get to choose their own honors.

The project also hopes -- what wild optimism! ;-) -- to help inspire the writing of wonderful new FK fanfiction from time to time, by pointing readers to authors, and reminding us all of what we love in FK.  Fanfiction is a conversation; please speak up!

If you would like to leave a comment on one of the recommended stories, you are very welcome to do that here, as well, and I will notify the story's author of the feedback.  However, most of the authors have generously shared email addresses with their recommendations, so you can email them directly, if you have email access.  Please do reward authors with your feedback!  In an out-of-production fandom like FK, we are each other's only sources of new encouragement, the only spark of interpretive tensions.  Your thoughts on someone's story may inspire her to write another!

Tags: fanfic:chat, fanfic:who:byyou, recommendation, recommendation:foreverknight, recommendation:foreverknight:project

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