Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Canon Trivia: Precinct Numbers Aloud

In which episode(s) would I find FK's characters referring to the numbered precincts aloud? That is, do FK's characters ever say, e.g., the "ninety-sixth," "ninety-six" or "nine-six"?

The cardinal ("ninety-six," no "th") seems to be true in real-world Toronto, per the official TPS site and main Wikipedia page. The call-sign numbers ("nine-six") and the ordinals ("ninety-sixth") both seem common in the US (fiction-wise, Ed McBain preferred one and Rex Stout the other). But just as Canada is not the US, FK is is not reality! :-)

Real Toronto actually has "districts" instead of "precincts," I know, among many other differences. Regardless, whatever is true now wouldn't have been for FK, anyway; the metropolitan Toronto police forces completely reorganized in 1998 out here in the real world (and there's a post-LK story that someone should tell!).

Oh, yes, like dwelling on canon trivia isn't a time-honored way of not finishing your story on time. ;-) One week, three hours...

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