Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Rewatched "Night in Question" (FK s3e10)

Yes, I am marathoning third-season FK episodes on-and-off across my holiday weekend. :-)

So: ah! relief! "Night in Question" is still when the third-season pumpkin turns back into FK. With Nick sidelined, the others manage to become themselves and we're all talking again about Nick not wanting to be a vampire. No more cringe-inducing Lacroix Lite and his underdressed Raven. No more "good cop" or "babe cop" posing of Tracy. No more... well, you know that I blame Natalie and Nick's past third-season behavior on the shocking losses of Schanke and Cohen (and Nick's future third-season behavior on amnesia and demonic possession). We're back! More or less. It's third-season, after all.

:-) It just today struck me to wonder whether Natalie has a stack of forms from every hospital in Toronto, half filled in with the various ways in which Nick might wind up in their hands, such that she could sweep in the way that she does in NiQ. She must have been preparing for this all along... or at least since the first time that she had to dig a bullet out of him. There's another story for someone to write! (I don't recall ever reading one before, but even if someone else has written one already, there's more than enough room for your own angle.)

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Tags: chat, fanfic:process:ideas, foreverknight:canon

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