Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Rewatched "Trophy Girl" (FK s3e08)

By the end of "Trophy Girl," Tracy shoots — and kills — two criminals. Both cases are just about as clear-cut as they come; neither will trouble Internal Affairs. Tracy robustly protests that she "can handle it" and claims she doesn't need time off to reflect or a shoulder to cry on (although Schanke did in "Close Call," and Stonetree almost retired over "Fatal Mistake," for comparison). She "keeps busy" by going undercover unauthorized, and perceives the normal, required, "cooling off" period as a suspension.

That aftermath could make a really nice post-ep/between-the-eps fanfic for someone: Tracy reacting to those deaths at her hands.

(Very probably, the scenario already has made a nice fanfic for someone, and I just don't happen to remember it! Perhaps I never read it. Back in the day, there were enough stories to pick and choose ever so choosily, and I leaned toward those starring Nick. But there's surely room for more, regardless.)

Tracy might try to confide in or lean on or learn from — or not! — Nick, Vachon, her father, her uncle Sonny (who needs the heart transplant per "Let No Man Tear Asunder"), her "friend who's really into tattoos" ... although most probably not her mother, I imagine? Tracy might visit the "nephew" (cousin's kid?) to whom she gave a puppy for his birthday in "Blind Faith."

Going undercover and getting snatched by a serial killer already counts as reacting recklessly; she's too practical and intelligent to do that a second time. Would she go out in nature, reach for God, binge-watch The Jerry Show and its like, exercise until she drops, clean her apartment until it sparkles...? We never really found out for sure, so we need fanfic to tell us.

(Separately, I imagine a montage of every single time in the first half of third season that Reese, Nick or Tracy herself refer to Tracy as "a good cop," and cap the progression with Natalie saying, in "Trophy Girl," that if anyone has proven she can handle this job, it's Tracy. Heavy-handed dialogue? Pummeling!)

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