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Amy R.

"Motive" starring Kristin Lehman

By now, I'm sure that everyone else knows that Kristin Lehman has starred in Motive (CTV in Canada, ABC in the US) for two 13-episode seasons now. I didn't know until Amazon recommended it to me a few months ago; I just don't see remotely as much TV as I used to!

I watched an episode for the first time last night, and the series seems to be a high-quality police procedural somewhat in the style of The Closer and the structure of Colombo. The focus is almost entirely on the case, with allusions to the characters' personal lives only where they intersect with the work. Lehman and Louis Ferreira, who plays her character's partner, did good work with the script that I happened to see. Lauren Holly plays the ME.

Because of 1996 SD Urs in my imagination, seeing 2014 HD Lehman gives a little "time!" jolt, but her character here is so utterly different from Urs, and her acting as always skilled, that soon there's no perceived resemblance at all. Similarly, I recognized Holly's voice long before I could place her face; I haven't seen her on my screen since NCIS, and her character here seems wholly unlike Jenny Shepard.

As a taste of the show, the episode told me to treat this series something like a cross between The Closer and the L&O smorgasbord. If you tune into those, tune into this.

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