Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Story Seed: Overdose antagonist?

I read an article in the New York Times yesterday that may offer the seed of an idea for some FK stories, if anyone has the inspiration to run with it.

"Anti-Overdose Drug Becoming an Everyday Part of Police Work" (by Goodman and Hartocollis) discusses naloxone, an anti-overdose ("antagonist") medicine: "Once the exclusive purview of paramedics and emergency room doctors, administering lifesaving medication to drug users in the throes of an overdose is quickly becoming an everyday part of police work amid a national epidemic of heroin and opioid pill abuse."

While Nick and Schanke or Tracy are the "ex post facto guys," as Schanke protests in "Stranger Than Fiction," and therefore not as likely as uniformed officers to be on the scene as first responders and involved in administering such a does to save a life, and, more, this didn't even begin spreading as a police practice (at least in the US) until 2010, naloxone was invented in the 1960s, so it was absolutely available in FK timeframes, especially in the hands of doctors (so, Natalie), and, in the course of investigations, Nick and FK's other officers do often end up in subsequent encounters with troubled people as suspects and perpetrators make various choices.

Naturally, addiction is one of the most prominent of FK's assorted uses of its vampirism metaphor. (Some fans love this metaphor; some hate it. Such is FK. ~grin~) But for those of us who enjoy this metaphor, have we ever considered: is it possible for an FK vampire to overdose? What would that mean? And what if there were an "antagonist" for the effects of blood on an FK vampire?

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