Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Reading Forkni-l Digests, Sometimes

While chatting with wiliqueen on a previous post, it occurred to me to remark on my current relationship with forkni-l digests, as I know most of you reading this blog don't subscribe to forkni or even fkfic-l anymore (repent! return to the lists! ~g~).

I've been set digest on forkni-l for ... ever.  Okay, years and years.  (I've never left fkfic-l, but I did go through a "nomail" period on forkni-l.)  In this century, I often go months at a time barely skimming the digests, opening several weeks' worth all at once long after the fact and just seeing if something catches my eye.  I happen to be in a "reading it" phase right now, however, opening each digest within a day or two.  This week, anyway.  We'll see how it lasts.

The discussion list is going through the series in order, one episode every two or three weeks, led by Tim P., bless him.  He reminds us of the next episode scheduled for discussion, and makes the first discussion post each time.  ("Capitol Offense" was up last week.)  The digests are infinitesimal compared to once-upon-a-time, usually just one to four posts per day, and nothing some days.  But this is good, in a way, because at this volume, I can keep up when I get in the mood to do so.  The old three-digests-per-day, 40KB-per-digest would be well beyond me now!

And Another Thing (9:13 AM):  By the way, I've added most of my 2007 forkni posts to this LJ (backdated to their original posting dates, quotations belonging to other listmembers omitted).  The "chat" tag will pull them up, if you're interested.  If this seems like a good idea, I can roll on back in time, adding more until I run out of old posts...

Tags: chat, foreverknight:forkni-l

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