Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Final Weekend of Rarewomen Sign-ups

I've been offline for most of the past week, so I'm catching up a bit this morning. I see that, with just this weekend left in rarewomen sign-ups, my favorite fandoms currently show in the standings at:

Fandom Requests to Read Offers to Write
Forever Knight 3 4
Highlander 1 3
Young Blades 1 2
Battlestar Galactica (1978) 1 1

Those numbers are a tad grim for participation everywhere but FK. Yay, FK! But... doesn't anyone else want to read lovely new tales in the others?

I'm strolling through the list of requested/offered fandoms, especially the under-offered ones, seeking additional writing-offer possibilities. In previous years in this game, I've offered Ivanhoe (All Media Types), Zorro's Black Whip and Dungeons & Dragons (The Animated Series), but none of those are nominated this year. I'd like to offer the original Upstairs, Downstairs this year, as I've just finished watching it through for the first time, but it isn't nominated, either. In past years, I've seriously considered offering the worlds of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster and Rex Stout's Goodwin and Wolfe, but I'd never quite taken the plunge, and they aren't nominated this year. I haven't yet seen the new BBC The Musketeers series, unfortunately; it doesn't seem to be available for streaming or on DVD in the US. Perhaps I could manage Call the Midwife or Much Ado About Nothing, both of which currently show 2 requests to 1 offer. Sherlock? 4 and 2. Person of Interest? 3 and 2. Grimm? 2 and 3.

(I might have offered Sleepy Hollow and Once Upon a Time, but at 8:7 and 6:10 respectively, they're doing fantastically without my feeble outside-the-active-fandom efforts. Good for them!)

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