Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Last Day for Rarewomen Nominations

Today, February 8, is the last day for nominations in the 2014 rarewomen game, the ficathon for rarely written female characters. Nominations aren't sign-ups; you can nominate without committing to play. All fandoms are eligible, and all self-identified-female characters with <500 complete works on the AO3 and/or <200 on FFnet (and <500 on any other single site).

  • Forever Knight's fans have done outstandingly by its women in these nominations. 20 FK characters will be eligible!
  • Highlander's fans, on the other hand, have perhaps been procrastinating? Only 5 HL characters appear at this time, and not yet Ceirdwyn, Rebecca Horne, Alexa Bond, Grace Chandel, Michelle Webster, Annie Devlin, May-Ling Shen, Claudia Jardine, Neferteri...!
  • Battlestar Galactica (1978) has an excruciatingly small female cohort, but wouldn't someone like to nominate Athena? How about Aurora?
  • And for Young Blades, I nominated all the recurring women characters (except Clementine de Bobignay, actually), but how about the one-shots: Elise Bouvier Parisot, Pauline LaRue, Mimou, Princess Tatiana?

To spend your nominations wisely, check out the automated approved tag set and/or the manual pre-approval spreadsheet.

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