Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FKFic-L, War and Crossovers

FKFic-L, the FK fiction mailing list, is presently playing FKFic-L War, an elaborate, round-robin fiction game in which the players descend on FK's fictional Toronto (as themselves), and work (in faction teams) around, with and against each other and FK's characters in pursuit of a goal (usually, some sort of scavenger hunt). I believe this is War XV, but I lost count a long, long time ago. (I actually played live only in War VII... but that was the most important one, right? ~grin~)

Anyway, Lisa McD made an unfiltered (non-War) admin post this morning, in which she wrote: "One of the list's rules is no crossovers..." That was news to me! The last time Don F. posted the fic list rules to the fic list (granted, over a year ago, now), they still said: "3. FK may be crossed only with movies and television shows. It cannot be crossed with other shows which are based on print-published media including comics. (Books and comics based on the movies or TV shows do not normally cause crossing to be prohibited.) Disney characters and movies are never acceptable for crossing. Crossovers must have the subject header XOVER: at the beginning of the subject line. It has to be spelled that way because the listserv doesn't recognize 'crossover,' and it MUST have the colon. Crossovers must state which show FK is being crossed with."

I've emailed Lisa and asked for clarification. I'll pass on whatever I learn.

Addendum 2:00PM Pacific: Good news! Crossovers are still permitted on FKFic-L in general, and just not during War games.

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