Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Yuletide 2013 First Glance

Merry Christmas!

I always have too many other commitments at Yuletide time, and, having never played, I don't understand the game's intricacies. However, if I'm reading the 2013 Yuletide AO3 Collection correctly, Forever Knight scored one story ("Copper's Instinct," ~6K words), the original Battlestar Galactica two stories (both starring Sheba, one apparently serious and the other evidently absurd; guess which one I'll read ~grin~), the original TV Beauty and the Beast one story ("To Laugh is to Love," ~1K words), the animated Dungeons and Dragons one story (but I'm not going to read it; its tags reveal that it's squicky), and of course Sleepy Hollow has stories coming out of its ears (it's often obvious which series get their one turn at Yuletide in their premiere year only because they're new, not because they're "small").

Highlander and Person of Interest weren't eligible. Yong Blades was, but not nearly enough people love it as it deserves... and there don't seem to be any more closely Dumas-based stories this year, which is even sadder. Nothing for Call the Midwife, either (perhaps everyone is still catching up on the books on which the series is based, before feeling a need for fanfic).

Have you spotted anything good out there in the ocean of Yuledtide fanfic? Please recommend it!

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