Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

My FKFicFest 2013 Story Posted Today

My own [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest story, "Closer to the Renaissance," revealed today. I'd like to thank Batdina for the prompt; Skieswideopen, Chelseagirl and a few others for brainstorming with me; and Skieswideopen, Sholio and Natmerc for beta-reading! (Thanks also to Nick and Janette for coming through in the end.)

And I'd like to encourage everyone to drop by the fest and look around! You're sure to find a story to your taste! This year, we have every major character (except Tracy and Reese, admittedly) and an assortment of canonical minor characters. We have drama, humor, tragedy! History, mystery, fantasy! Romance and gen!

If you didn't mind spoilers, oh! could I ever bend your ear about the neat new ideas driving this year's tales! Hmmmm. Maybe I will. I did in a comment on [community profile] last_writes, so I could even just copy and paste. Hmmmm. Mind the cut, now! MAJOR SPOILER TEASES

We're really lucky! The stories released so far this year contain such enticing bright-new concepts as ***major spoilers! not kidding! don't read unless you can't be enticed in any other way!*** what if some other man named Nicholas thought the Nightcrawler was talking to him through the radio; what happened to Urs during "Fever" and why didn't she choose to die; why did Nick, Janette and Lacroix relocate from France to Italy in the late middle ages; what if Daniel turned up in the present day with a "bride of Frankenstein" agenda; what if Lacroix had been softening up Natalie for his "Be My Valentine" mind tricks throughout second season; why did Janette have the "Mona Janette" portrait painted for Nick in the first place; why did Stonetree really pair Schanke with Nick; what if Natalie accepted responsibility for her share of the tragedy of "Last Knight;" and! and! and!

Please do come by the fest! Feed your friendly neighborhood FK fanfic authors!

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