Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FKFicFest Admin Workday

We have 10 stories/illustrations in the FKFicFest 2013 queue! I've emailed the authors/artists of the other 3; I trust completely that they are not defaulting, just late; we're clear! I'm working on the release schedule, and I've replied to the one person who reported technical difficulties with posting to the AO3. Got more? Hit me! :-)

Addendum 1:25PM (Pacific):

All 13 are pinned down now! I've also emailed/PMed two people to double-check their AO3 posts; they may wish to change certain selections/fields/settings, if they choose. I'm working on the release schedule now.

Initial stats? Tags may of course change at any time, but at the moment I see: 12 stories, 1 illustration. 1 mature, 7 teen, 5 general. 2 Nick/Natalie, 4 Nick/Janette, 1 Don/Myra, 5 tagging no relationships. (Never fear, UFers; there's CotK content.) 1 story over 5K words, 6 from 2K-5K, 5 from 1-2K.

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Tags: chat, fest:fkficfest, foreverknight:fkficfest

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