Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Drive and FK

[Crossposted from forkni-l. Backdated. In reply to a comment that Kristen Lehmen's character on Drive is not as interesting as her character Urs on FK.]

In my opinion, the second hour/episode of Drive is where Kristen Lehmen's new character becomes interesting.  (Though of course I'm more interested in Urs, because she is of FK.)

Stated carefully to avoid spoilers, I'm only up to the second Drive episode of the four that have aired, but it was in the second (with the development of KL's character) that I began to think that this new show might touch on one of the things I love best in FK: quest structure, long-term striving.  While so far none of the characters seem to be driven by Nick's very particular choice-gone-wrong and redemption paradigms, there is an element of second chance or last chance that resonates with me on a similar frequency to FK. 

Anyway, while I haven't fallen in love with the show, I'm not ready to pronounce it a loss. :-)

So, having made that comparison, I naturally imagine Nick in the Drive scenario, crossover style.  What if Nick were corralled into a secret illegal cross-continent road race?  In the caddy, no less!  Oh, woe, the gas consumption.  Would he drive only at night and hide in the trunk while his partner drove during the day?  I can imagine Lacroix pulling the strings on something like this, and I could imagine, in the FK universe, that once you got the competitors "off the grid" and into the race, where they might no longer be as much missed by the authorities, a certain percentage would fall as vampire prey, so when Nick discovered that it would open a second-front plot in the story, as he would have to protect the other racers as well as win, for whatever motivation he had been pulled into the race ... anyone want to write it? ;-)

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