Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FKFicFest Story Earliest Stage

I received my [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest story-match assignment by email last of everyone on Sunday night, though naturally I knew my assignment first of everyone :-) as soon as all the little highlighted slips of paper settled into a complete matched set with no recognizably bad matches ... though of course some matches are better than others, and I'm hoping fervently that each player did receive something that will ignite his/her imagination.

So in this first week of the game, I picked my prompt from the three I received, and ordered a relevant non-fiction book — which you might suppose reveals that the prompt isn't touching the middle ages in Europe or the Levant, early-modern France, the nineteenth-century in Britain or the US, swordcraft, nutrition or Catholicism, as perhaps I have enough ("enough" ~grin~) books about those already... but when have I ever passed up an excuse to borrow or buy a new book? This morning, I copied relevant FK screenshots into a folder and made it my home desktop wallpaper and screensaver.

Next up: Rewatch the episode most suggested by the prompt!


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