Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Uncredited GWD in Movie?

[Crossposted from forkni-l. Backdated.]

I saw the new Nancy Drew movie today.  There's a drama-teacher character in it, barely a two-line role -- "Thank you; that's enough" and "The play is Pippin" -- male, blond, on the screen for but a split second.  I leaned forward in my seat, suddenly, but gone! too fast to tell.  Just for a heartbeat, it looked like, sounded like . . . GWD.

I'm delusional, right?  The role is uncredited on the screen and in IMDB and on the movie's official website.  Doubtless this is complete coincidence, and wishful substitution by my imagination, making a good old fashioned YKYBWTMFKW moment.  Surely we would have heard.  But what if I just haven't been scanning my forkni-l digests carefully enough?  What if I missed something big?!

I'm sure you guys will let me know. :-)

Addendum: This speculation was later confirmed. It is believed GWD did indeed play that role.

Tags: chat, foreverknight:actors, foreverknight:forkni-l

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