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16 February 2013 @ 11:27 am
Rarewomen Disappointment (Addendum: Misinformed!)  
Sign-ups for rarewomen are now open, and remain open through the end of February.

[Addendum: Odds on, the remarks below were based on misinformation! Now happily, patiently awaiting official clarification from the mods.]
[Addendum II: The mods have confirmed that it's "or" not "and" matching. Good!]

I will read contributions in my fandoms, no matter what. However, if this thread is confirmed by the mods, I may not play after all. How disappointing! (In sum, apparently I cannot request "Tessa or Randi or Angie or Rachel or Michelle," and if I try, I will not be matched with anyone offering any of those characters unless they offer all of those characters.)

Granted, the mods have many dozens of players to match, and this is an AO3 thing — not designed by these mods. I bet it works great for people in large fandoms and people with many fandoms! But I am in few, small fandoms. With these limitations, I can name the possible matches now.

Really, really disappointing. There're no other exchange games open to my fandoms anymore (except FKFicFest, obviously, and HL Holiday Shortcuts).

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