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Young Blades Episodes Available Online

Happy news! A nice person over at rarewomen (the ficathon for neglected female characters) just tonight told me that all thirteen Young Blades episodes are presently available on YouTube, uncut and undivided! (Of course it will be better when someday TPTB sell YB to us properly, but I've been waiting eight years for them to accept my money for this content, and with no DVDs or streaming in sight and my recorded-from-TV VHS tapes aging, I embrace this alternative with delight.)

  1. Wanted

  2. Rub-a-dub Sub

  3. Enchanted

  4. The Exile

  5. DaVinci's Notebook

  6. Secrets of the Father

  7. Four Musketeers and a Baby

  8. Coat of Arms

  9. The Girl from Upper Gaborski

  10. Invincible Sword

  11. To Heir is Human

  12. The Chameleon

  13. Secrets

As you know (because I periodically blither about it), this is that fun "Three Musketeers: The Next Generation" series that ran on PAX (now InSight) in 2005, diverging from Dumas canon, featuring a farm girl masquerading as a nobleman in order to join the musketeers and avenge her family. Filmed in Quebec, it features the work of Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Ironside, Sheena Easton, Karen Cliche, Tobias Mehler, Mark Hildreth, Zak Santiago, Robert Sheehan, Phillip Mitchell, Charles Shaughnessy... (Don't believe a word on the main IMDB page; all that info is based on a prior series pitch, not any filmed content. The Wikipedia page is brief but accurate, at least.) Episode 4, "The Exile," is the one that brought me across, as we say in FK; my other favorites include "To Heir is Human" and "Invincible Sword." The series creators wrote the first three episodes; Gillian Horvath wrote the final two.

Addendum: Just dipping a toe into the series? I strongly recommend skipping episodes 2-3 after the premiere, and instead sampling 4, 6, 11 or 12. (IMO, 2-3 are the worst.) I'm happy to make personal recommendations tailored to individual tastes and preferences; just ask!

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