Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Mid-January Fanfiction Games Signal Boost

(Or, as Skieswideopen calls it: "enabling." ~grin~)
  • The multifandom "Gen-in-January" game on [community profile] the_fic_trader remains open through the end of January.

  • I will post the annual [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest survey in the final week of January. (When is best to schedule the ficathon this year? What rules and mechanisms can we improve from last year? How can we attract more players? How can I be a better mod?)

  • rarewomen is on for 2013! This year, there's no distinction between large and small fandoms. Under 500 stories on AO3 and also under 500 on featuring a canonically female character? She's eligible if nominated. I played last year and may well play again this year. Timeline:
    • 01/24-01/31: Discuss nominations.
    • 02/01-02/07: Nominate.
    • 03/01-ish: Assignments go out.
    • 04/28: Stories due.
    • 05/04: Stories release.

  • shipswap is running a "Rare Ship" exchange event. I won't play, but I will read if my fandoms win stories. Timeline:
    • 02/01-02/28: Nominate.
    • 03/06-04/08: Sign up.
    • 04/15-ish: Assignments go out.
    • 06/15: Stories due.
    • 06/22: Stories release.

  • The het_reccers community is presently seeking volunteers to write "Fandom Manifestos," and still needs sign-ups for FK, HL, BSG'78, etc. Separately, they are always seeking recommendations of high-quality het fanfiction in any fandom (no sign-up needed).

  • [community profile] casestory Big Bang sign-ups opened on 01/01.

  • blue_eyed_1987 is running a multi-fandom "Pretend Dating/Relationship" fest.

  • [personal profile] wehappyfew is running a multi-fandom AU drabble fest.

  • Not fiction-related, but just so you know: There's a [community profile] fanart_recs community!

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