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Amy R.

Fandom Stocking 2012/2013 Reveal

Many generous people stuffed my Fandom Stocking full of abundant lovely treats this year! May I spill them out on the floor and hold them up to ooh and aah with you? I received:
  • Assorted fun ecards full of seasonal and holiday wishes, including a link to Neil Gaiman's New Year Wish post. (You know, I really must get over my teenage Gaiman trauma — do not hand Sandman to a fairly innocent adolescent, okay? gift her Zot instead — and try him as an adult.)

  • Two exciting fanfiction gift certificates! Now, I must narrow the infinite possibilities in order to redeem them! (Oh, hush, yes, of course my favorite characters are carved in lichen-covered stone. ~grin~ Let's just pretend to suspense for a minute anyway.)

  • From [personal profile] rebelcolors, a recommendation of a 50K-words gen Battlestar Galactica 1978 story! "Perceptions of Reality" by L Zaza. (Yay, fellow BSG'78 fans! Yay, recs! Yay, gen adventures!)

  • A Highlander fanfiction, "The Day After" (Duncan/Tessa) by [personal profile] elistaire, from Tessa's perspective on the island the day after the tag of "The Gathering." As I stagger on through fandom's perpetual tragic drought of Tessa stories, Elistaire has mercifully refilled my canteen; I will survive to the next oasis.

  • A Forever Knight fanfiction, "Moving On" (Natalie, Nick, Grace, Sydney) by [personal profile] pj1228, from Natalie's perspective on returning home after her desert vacation after "Only the Lonely." PJ thoughtfully remembered that I had, ages ago, submitted Natalie's between-seasons relocation as a story prompt, and she builds it up from solid first-season canon timber.

  • Another, completely different, Forever Knight fanfiction, "Approaching Dawn" (Nick, Urs) by [personal profile] skieswideopen, from Nick's perspective in days to come. It resembles a vintage "Forever Not," ending the story, full stop, with the daring we used to have in doing that ourselves before TPTB did it for real and we all got obsessed with their ending. Skieswideopen keenly assembles my least-popular most-beloved tropes, including major character death, bereavement, longing... no, wait, come back! These are good story things, and she knows what to do with them! Really!

For my part, I'm afraid I managed to properly stuff only three stockings — with one HL ficlet, "When a Lady's in the Case" (a tag to "The Lady and the Tiger"); one FK ficlet, "Relocation Therapy" (a tag to "Black Buddha"); and three Avengers userpic icons — and then to lean some New Year's wishes up against a handful of other stockings. Nevertheless, as always in [community profile] fandom_stocking, I had a lot of fun, and met amazing new people! Happy 2013, everyone.

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