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24 December 2012 @ 12:40 pm
New and Old Christmas FK Story Thoughts  
This morning, [personal profile] greerwatson posted "How to Pick up a Bargain at This Time of Year" as the second entry in the "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge" at [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic. It stars Schanke, with appearances by Jenny, Nick and Myra, and bristles with Torontonian details. Check it out!

I had hoped to revive the recommendation-of-the-month project this December, with praise for Susan G.'s inimitable, chilling, beautiful "Angel Crossing," the sole Lacroix story in the original (1993) fkfic-l Christmas challenge, in which Susan pledged one story per character by her, as long as someone else first posted another story starring that character... and yet no one else wrote one featuring Lacroix. Hers stood alone. And stands alone, unique and stunning. With the other challenge entries, Val K. (not Wiliqueen; the other Val) published "Angel Crossing" in the remarkable Forever Net Before Christmas zine, which is my personal favorite hard-copy zine to this day, as fond as I am of several others. I have not yet managed to revive the recommendations project on my fansite as hoped, so please take this as an informal rec! And if you're looking for more FK Christmastide, please check out my "trope:holidays" tag (DW, LJ) for past recommendations of stories relating to all the red-letter days in the calendar, and especially annual posts (like this one!) chatting about and/or listing links to FK Christmas stories (2011, 2010, 2009, 2007).

I have today and tomorrow off work, and while there are other observances afoot, I also hope to write a very short story for the [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge." If I am so lucky as to finish it, I'll come looking for a beta-reader to help speed-polish. Forewarned is forearmed... ~grin~ (Now, the challenge stays open through January 6! I would just like to produce something for the big feast day itself, even if all readers will be over at Yuletide.)

Merry Christmas, to all those celebrating! Goodwill to everyone else, too! :-)

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greerwatsongreerwatson on December 27th, 2012 09:10 am (UTC)
Now that both the Yuletide and Madness collections have hit their deadlines, my schedule is a bit less hectic. (All the Christmas prep and/or celebrations during the day, and then I stay up half the night writing!)

So, if you get your story finished, I'd be happy to beta it.
Amy R.: Winterbrightknightie on December 28th, 2012 01:25 am (UTC)
Congratulations on everything you accomplished! And thank you for the kind offer. The piece outgrew commentfic eligibility; we'll see whether I can both complete it and whittle it down. ~wry~
greerwatsongreerwatson on December 28th, 2012 03:07 am (UTC)
Well, stories often are the better for a bit of tightening up, but don't starve it if it wants to be slightly on the plump side. You can post it in multiple parts, after all. (I mean, it's not as though fkcommentfic is exactly overstuffed with stories right now.)

Of course, if it decided to be 3000 words long, that's a whole other matter.