Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Mid-December Fic Games Signal-Boosting

  • FK: The no-pressure [community profile] fkcommentfic/fkcommentfic Bloor Mistletoe challenge runs through January 6.

  • Multi-Fandom: You don't need a Dreamwidth account to play [community profile] fandom_stocking; you can post using OpenID, if you prefer. (Fandom Tags.) Finish stuffing before January 6 for the reveal.

  • Multi-Fandom: picfor1000 is back for its annual game. Sign up no later than December 31.

  • Multi-Fandom: Oxoniensis's 2013 "Porn Battle" game is scheduled for January. The "General Amnesty" from previous games continues through December 31; in conjunction, [personal profile] melissatreglia has generously compiled a list of all the FK prompts.

  • HL: The hlh_shortcuts stories will begin releasing any day now.

Anything else?

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Tags: fandom:highlander, fest:fandomstocking, fest:fkcommentfic, fest:hlhshortcuts, fest:pornbattle, ficathons&fests

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