Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

On Curing My Dragging Story Queue

We have not yet reached that part of October where I will have enough time to play fandom regularly again, but I believe that I've caught up on all of your October's LJ/DW posts to date... and there's nary a drop of FK out there.  Did I miss any?  (Besides that I completely missed that spook_me, the annual multifandom Halloween ficathon, is well past underway! I missed that in September.)  Just a quiet month so far.

Unrelatedly, I have been pondering some advice from [personal profile] leela_cat, and I've decided to take it.  I doubt anyone has noticed, but I have accumulated perhaps a dozen assorted here-and-there stories — going back two years, at least — written for various deadline-driven ficathon games, but then left to moulder on the vine at whatever venue held the game, not moving them on to fkfic-l, my own fansite, or the AO3 (if the game wasn't held on the AO3 to begin with).  In each case, the deadline came all too soon, and, unsatisfied with the result for whatever reason, I determined to rewrite... but never did.  (Mostly, I was unable to find anyone to chew them over with, to tear them apart and put them back together more strongly in conversation, and reignite their inspirational fires. I write much better on a discursive foundation!)  So what was Leela's advice?  Post.  Unless a missing scene is clamoring to be written, let it go; fold each story neatly and tuck it away.  Archive as-is, get these tales off my imagination's plate, and make room for something new.

Yes, I think that I will do that... as soon as we reach that time when I have some time. :-)

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