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04 August 2012 @ 12:59 pm
FKFicFest 2012 Continues  
[community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest is in full swing!  Please consider dropping by.  Ten stories have released so far this year; three (and some party favors) have yet to come.  My stories (as recipient and as writer) are now both out:

  • The story written for me this year is “The Ties that Bind” (PG, gen, ~4K) by [personal profile] melissatreglia.
    I requested: “Gen. Nick & Schanke (or Tracy) and/or a Captain. Prompt: a case-related out-of-town trip (could be to help another police force or law enforcement branch, or could be to pursue a lead in a Toronto case) — with his travel companion(s) sticking close, Nick can't much use money or hypnotism to smooth his path (away from his safe loft, his trusty butcher, Natalie having his back, etc.).”

  • The story that I wrote this year is “Chante à Nouveau” (PG-13, m/f, ~10K) for hearts_blood.
    She prompted: “Wildcard. Lacroix, Fleur, Urs (gen or pairing, up to the writer). 'You can owe nothing, if you give back its light to the sun.' — A. Porchia. (There is a connection between what Lacroix feels for Urs and what he once felt for Fleur.)”

I've read every story on the day it was revealed!  But I've fallen behind on commenting.  I plan to catch up this weekend.

Remember: You don't need to be like me and blither up to the length limit just to leave feedback for the game's authors.  Say, "Hey, I read your story. It's neat to still see new FK after all these years! Boy, I loved that show."  That's all it takes! :-)

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