Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Timelines

My script-based Forever Knight timeline was one of my first useful contributions to the fandom, I think.  Not that the justly popular and praised previous costume-derived timeline (originated by Valerie and completed by Dorothy; on which mine is based) is not wonderful -- it is! -- but you know how tangled FK can be.  I believe we discover interesting possibilities by setting the costume-derived timeline next to a script-dependent timeline, and playing with the canonical wiggle-room.  (For example, the flashback costumes of "Partners of the Month" and "Fatal Mistake" postdate the scripts' dialogue and stage directions by decades -- even centuries. Not to mention "Dead of Night" and "Last Act"!)  In cases of conflict, my timeline gives precedence to the script's text; Valerie and Dorothy's timeline gives precedence to costuming and props.  My timeline also attempts events mentioned but unseen (eg. in UTV, Lacroix suggests he saw Nick during the War of 1812).  FK canon is a jumble, and we love it that way. :-)

Years later, when I was writing "In the Light of Day," I put that flashback research into a Crusades/Canon Alignment timeline, matching early Forever Knight story elements (c.1193-1203, Nick is born) with history (1192, Richard II's peace treaty with Saladin).

It's probably time and past to update the layout and presentation of the original timeline.  It predates the ancient days in which I was still hand-coding the site (kudos to Frederic for the two years he archived it for me, before I learned HTML).

Tags: chat, foreverknight:canon, foreverknight:references, foreverknight:timelines

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