Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Someone Posted a Susan G. Story to the AO3, and it Wasn't Anyone I Know

"Resurrection," the V4S premiere written by the much-missed late susanmgarrett back in the day, has turned up on the AO3, posted by a [ profile] palaemon on 5/09/12.

She credits it.  She posted it under a lock.  She is apparently not actively trying to plagiarize it, just to take advantage of the AO3's formatting capacity.  However, I still find her action upsetting.  Does the AO3 have a policy on this?  Posting stories by other people? Deceased people?  I believe that tonjavmoore is, for all practical purposes, Susan G.'s fannish executor...?

Once that I know of, Susan ran into a person at a con selling copies of one of Susan's online stories made up — without permission, obviously — into a zine.  This brings that to my mind.  (And the formatting here does Susan's work no credit, on top of everything else.)

Addendum: FWIW, I've reported this to the AO3 volunteers.

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Tags: ao3, death, fan:susan, fanfic:who:byyou

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