Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FKFicFest Sign-ups Open 5/05-5/25

In case anyone missed it over the weekend, [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest 2012 sign-ups opened on Saturday!  (Saturday also happened to be the twentieth anniversary of the first airing of "Dark Knight.")  Players may sign up at any time until 11:59 PM Pacific on Friday, May 25.

I plan to post about the game on oldschoolfic, [community profile] femme_fic, [community profile] last_writes and forkni-l (assuming that I receive the moderator's permission, where applicable).  Do feel free to promote the game yourself, too!  Naturally, I plan to spread out my own posts over many days for maximum effect.  It would be marvelous if everyone who decides to play in FKFicFest would say so on her journal and invite her friends to join her, throughout the month!  That would maximize the very best "advertising" of all.

What's new and exciting in FKFicFest for 2012?  The biggest change is that we'll post our stories directly to the community collection on the AO3 (we'll still announce them on LJ/DW).  This gives the community many advantages, including "post once" convenience for authors, ebook downloads for readers, single-post story release (at any length) for the mod, and more, but I'd bet that the most popular advantage of all will be the author's ability to edit even while a story is sitting unrevealed.  I imagine that this ability may soothe some editing nerves and help some people post earlier.  In a smaller change, we've made space for visual artists who may wish to play FK with us (I don't expect any to pop out of the woodwork, but if one does, we're ready to welcome her).

So... will you play? :-)

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