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FK: 20 Years Today

According to IMDB, Forever Knight premiered twenty years ago today, on Tuesday, May 5, 1992, with "Dark Knight."  "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter" followed the next night, on Wednesday, May 6, 1992.

In the US, FK's first season aired in CBS's "Crimetime After Primetime" rotation.  "Crimetime" was an unusual programming experiment for a US network, in which CBS aired a different crime drama every weeknight in the same abbreviated timeslot, crammed in between the late local news and late-night chat shows.  Consequently, the first-run first-season US airings were cropped, notoriously missing snippets and scenes that aired in Canada and Germany (to this day, these differences cause confusion in fannish discussions).

First season concluded with "Love You to Death" on Tuesday, March 2, 1993, an extraordinarily long span for a 22-episode season.  FK was then canceled, along with all of "Crimetime After Primetime," because CBS had acquired David Letterman from NBC and given him that timeslot.  That first cancellation, the period between first and second season, is known as "the hiatus."  It lasted eighteen months.  Changing owners and distribution methods, FK returned not as a network show, but as a first-run syndicated series, with "Killer Instinct" officially premiering on Monday, September 12, 1994 (however, being syndicated, it actually aired on different nights in different markets).  FK changed owners again for its third season, and came to its finale, "Last Knight," officially on Friday, May 17, 1996 (personally, I mark that anniversary on May 18, when it aired where I lived).

We've never stopped loving our hard-to-explain, cult-favorite, vampire-cop show.  I hope we never will.

When and where did you first watch "Dark Knight"?

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