Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

CRASH (yes, it merits all-caps)

My computer has crashed. Suddenly. Frighteningly. I came home from mass this morning to a computer that wouldn't turn on. And I was an idiot and didn't back up for months. It may be just the power supply, but I am not personally tech-savvy enough to know. (Obviously, I am on someone else's computer right now.)

Fannish Obligations Status:

  • FKFicFest: The opening of FKFicFest sign-ups will just have to continue being delayed for a little while longer. Y'all can think of prompts in advance, right? :-)

  • Rarewomen: Due 4/30. Fully drafted, ~4K words, with beta-reader. One way or another, from one borrowed computer or another, I shouldn't have to default on this game.

  • Oldschoolfic: Due 4/30. The incomplete rough draft existed only on the now-crashed computer. I intended to spend the day finishing it! Instead, I've spent that time panicking and driving to fix-my-computer land. I will request an extension...

  • Recommendation o' the Month: Nope, you didn't miss it. I got way behind and failed to post it. If I can't get to it tomorrow, this will have been the first month without an FK fanfic rec since 1999. I may indulge in back-dating when I catch up...

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Tags: chat, fest:fkficfest, fest:oldschoolfic, fest:rarewomen, ficathons&fests

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