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Overlooked (Least-Hit) Stories - New Meme

A meme is going around in which authors list their ten most popular — that is, most hit — stories on the AO3.  (Click My Home > Works > Hits to sort by hit count.)  That's a fine game, and while we might learn only what everyone already knows (that big fandoms and popular characters get more hits than small and rarely-beloved ones), we might also learn startling, befuddling things (for example, my Sailor Moon "Prologue to Revolution" topped 100 hits without earning a single comment).

However, I'm more curious about neglected stories!  Popularity does not equal quality.  I propose a new meme!  Tell me your three least-hit AO3 stories of which you are nevertheless proud.  That is, if a story sits among your least-hit and you feel that it deserves to, skip it.  It doesn't count.  We're seeking good works that have been overlooked, whether because the fandom is small, the character unpopular, or the subject matter trying.  (Caveat: I do not promise to personally read all such stories, especially if they are out of my fandoms or beyond my content boundaries.)

In my case, my least-read story on the AO3 is "Not the Mothering Type" (FK; '01, ~4K, PG-13; Janette, Sofia, Nick, Lacroix).  Readers generously nominated it for the FK Fanfic Awards in '01, but on the AO3, it has earned just three (3) hits, putting it even below my poems (speaking of unpopular genres ~grin~).  Then there are "Responses" (FK; '09, ~3K, PG-13; Fleur, Erica, Lacroix, Nick) and "What It's Like" (FK; '03, ~2K, PG; Natalie, Nick).

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