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'90s Commentficathon

[personal profile] havocthecat and [personal profile] skieswideopen just clued me in to a "'90's Commentficathon" hosted by magisterequitum, begun 3/29/12.  As you know, Forever Knight and Highlander are my favorite '90s shows!  (Also: Darkwing Duck. Really.)  DS9 and B5 are wholly '90s, XF two-thirds, BtVS half... you know yours!

This is a no-commitment, multi-fandom game.
  • Theme: The theme is "the 90s." Take that any way you want.

  • Format: One prompt per comment: Fandom/Character(s)/Ship (any/all of the above), prompt.

  • Titles: Since LJ did away with comment titles, bold your title in the first part of your comment.

  • Conduct: No fighting. Be cool. Warn for triggers when needed. Have fun. Thank the person who writes your prompt.

At 192 comments, there are no prompts for either FK or HL.  Most prompts are for current fandoms — e.g. Once Upon a Time and The Vampire Diaries — asking for a look back in time to the '90s; many prompts are for fandoms that have no logical connection that I know to the 1990s (or 2090s or 1890s) — e.g. the Aeneid and The Hunger Games — which is allowed, of course, but of little interest to a '90s-shows fan.

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