Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Did Greg Kramer write a game strategy guide?

chelseagirl, for completely un-FK-related reasons, recently acquired a copy of the strategy guide for the videogame American McGee's Alice (2000), and she wondered whether the Greg Kramer who wrote that guide could be the Greg Kramer who played Screed in the third season of Forever Knight.  (As you know, FK's GK is a novelist and playwright as well as an actor.)

I'm not presently in touch with any Ratpackers (who would surely know), and it isn't listed among GK's writing credits on his own site.  However, there is a "games" link under construction, so perhaps such a thing as a videogame guide could belong there...?

If any of us really want to know, we could ask admin (at) houseofkramer (dot) com, of course.  I must admit that I just don't care enough to take that step.  ~grin~ But if you do, I'll be happy to learn the answer! ~grin~

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