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28 January 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Cohen's Daughter is Mentioned in "Amateur Night"  
I had FK's "Amateur Night" on while I did some other things tonight.  I pulled up short when I heard Captain Amanda Cohen say, "My daughter jumps rope."  "My daughter"!  This means that a) Cohen canonically, indisputably, has a daughter, and b) I have failed to fully absorb this fact for an awful lot of years.

"Amateur Night" is nobody's favorite episode.  I think it's underrated and deserves respect as a Schanke vehicle (with some intriguing Natalie tidbits on the side), but even I rarely rewatch it.  What do we all rewatch?  "A More Permanent Hell."  Everyone has seen AMPH a dozen times, and AN a couple, so we absorb that Cohen has photos in her office in AMPH, and miss that AN tells us who one of those photos depicts!

Okay, maybe none of you did that; maybe it's just me. ~grin~  Certainly, fanfic usually depicts Cohen as the mother of a daughter (on the rare occasions that Cohen's personal life wins a mention).  If only I had studied Cohen back when I was writing character FAQs, I would have learned better.  I have always known that Cohen has that photo of a girl in her office, but from time to time, from forkni-l to here, you'll find me ruminating on the question of whether the girl is Cohen's daughter, niece, sister, or herself as a child (alongside similar questions about the photographed couple with the leis).  Well, one question answered, anyway!  Cohen has a daughter, and she is at least as old as the girl in the picture, and still young enough to jump rope.

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PJ1228pj1228 on January 31st, 2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
Cohen's private life
Has anyone checked if she wears a wedding ring? I'll keep in mind to focus on her hands next time I watch a season 2 episode.

Although I was aware that she has a daughter who jumps rope, I never thought about the question if she was married or not. I guess that question never occurred to me because she does not give away much about her private life. I see her as a strong woman who is very devoted to her job and who does not allow her private life to interfere with her tasks. Maybe it's also a kind of protection: if it isn't known whether she has a family, criminals cannot put them in jeopardy for the sake of revenge or something like that. There's a parallel to Nick who also doesn't disclose much from his private life to his co-workers for obvious reasons.
Amy R.: Kidsbrightknightie on January 31st, 2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Cohen's private life
>"Has anyone checked if she wears a wedding ring?"

Great idea! I believe that she does not, but I will be sure to check, too. The absence of a ring would not be conclusive -- she might choose not to wear one, while nevertheless being married -- but its presence could be fairly decisive.

>"There's a parallel to Nick who also doesn't disclose much from his private life to his co-workers for obvious reasons."

Pertinent observation! And I do love parallels. :-) An episode paralleling Cohen and Nick on that score might have been an outstanding way to round out her character. It might also have hinted that she is like Nick, in keeping to herself; like Schanke, in being a parent; like Natalie, in being a single woman in a male-dominated workplace; but unlike anyone else in being various things specific to her alone...