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28 January 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Cohen's Daughter is Mentioned in "Amateur Night"  
I had FK's "Amateur Night" on while I did some other things tonight.  I pulled up short when I heard Captain Amanda Cohen say, "My daughter jumps rope."  "My daughter"!  This means that a) Cohen canonically, indisputably, has a daughter, and b) I have failed to fully absorb this fact for an awful lot of years.

"Amateur Night" is nobody's favorite episode.  I think it's underrated and deserves respect as a Schanke vehicle (with some intriguing Natalie tidbits on the side), but even I rarely rewatch it.  What do we all rewatch?  "A More Permanent Hell."  Everyone has seen AMPH a dozen times, and AN a couple, so we absorb that Cohen has photos in her office in AMPH, and miss that AN tells us who one of those photos depicts!

Okay, maybe none of you did that; maybe it's just me. ~grin~  Certainly, fanfic usually depicts Cohen as the mother of a daughter (on the rare occasions that Cohen's personal life wins a mention).  If only I had studied Cohen back when I was writing character FAQs, I would have learned better.  I have always known that Cohen has that photo of a girl in her office, but from time to time, from forkni-l to here, you'll find me ruminating on the question of whether the girl is Cohen's daughter, niece, sister, or herself as a child (alongside similar questions about the photographed couple with the leis).  Well, one question answered, anyway!  Cohen has a daughter, and she is at least as old as the girl in the picture, and still young enough to jump rope.

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Amy R.: Lacroixbrightknightie on January 29th, 2012 07:09 am (UTC)
Citation, please
Please, what is the episode showing that Cohen is "married" and that her husband's initial is "D"?

"The Code" and "Be My Valentine" have always influenced me to perceive her as single/divorced, rather than married.
greerwatsongreerwatson on January 29th, 2012 10:04 am (UTC)
Re: Citation, please
You'll recall that in "The Black Buddha, Part One", in the airplane hanger that was used as a temporary morgue, there were two boards holding ID sheets on the crash victims. One of the boards only had three sheets on it: these were for the people whose bodies had not yet been found (one of whom was Vachon). The other board was filled with a large array of ID sheets. Cohen's and Schanke's were placed side by side so that, as Nick looked at the board, there could be a close-up.

Among Nancy Taylor's screencaps, there is one of this close-up view. It is sufficiently detailed for some of the information written on the sheets to be almost legible. An even closer view can be seen in this screencap.

At the bottom of the form is a section of squared-off boxes to be filled in. I suggest you look first at Schanke's victim sheet. His name is in the top left side box. Just below it is "Myra Schanke" in a box marked Next of Kin. (The next box under that is labelled "Address", but the contents were written rather than block-printed in capital letters, and hence hard to make out.)

On Cohen's sheet the corresponding top space has "Amanda Cohen" filled in. Under that is a name that—admittedly—is darned hard to make out on the first screencap. However, it seems to have an initial letter, followed by the surname. On the closer screencap the surname is definitely "Cohen".

The initial looks like a "D", at least to me. There is definitely a straight more-or-less vertical stroke on the left, and a rounded curve on the right. I suggest you compare it with the "D" in "Don Schanke" on the other form. (What is needed is a slightly different not-quite-so-close-up screencap so the letter can be made out more exactly. However, I don't have one.)

The rest of both forms is quite illegible, which could be the quality of the screencap. Or it could be a deliberate scrawl by the person making the props just to put in something to fill the space.

Since the evidence does not come directly from dialogue, whether you take it as canon depends on whether you accept things taken off props. At any rate, we have no contradictory info about Cohen's husband, for we're told precious little about her personal life at all. Picking up her daughter's photograph is about it, isn't it? She is not a woman who brings her family to work.

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