Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Oldschoolfic's "Springtime Serenade"

oldschoolfic, the ficathon for canceled fandoms, is back with a "Springtime Serenade."  This new game combines a "lyric wheel" (all prompts are song lyrics) with an exchange (you write to fulfill another player's request).

In response to the distortive non-player voting last time, their mod will create an eligible-fandoms list from past requests by people who have posted stories in the community (FK and HL should both be in).  As always, the minimum length is 1K words, but players may break that down (two 500-word stories, ten 100-word stories, etc.). 

  • 02/01-02/14: Submit lyric prompts.
  • 02/15-02/29: Sign up (3 requests: 2 listed fandoms, 1 wild-card)
  • 03/01: Assignments sent
  • 03/30: Stories due

Unfortunately, oldschoolfic and rarewomen have the same due date this spring.  I'm already committed at Rarewomen.  However, there's a window between Rarewomen assignments arriving and Oldschoolfic sign-ups closing; if my Rarewomen assignment immediately clicks, such that I'm sure I'd finish early, I'll seriously consider playing Oldschoolfic, too.  So far, I've never missed an Oldschoolfic game.  I'd hate to break that streak.

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Tags: fandoms_not_fk, fest:oldschoolfic, ficathons&fests

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