Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Seeking N&Ner Happy Endings Fanfiction

honor_reid has asked for recommendations of high-quality Nick/Natalie stories with endings that grant the characters, if not a happy-ever-after, at least an "ordinary-ever-after."  So many FK stories conclude sadly, bittersweetly, suddenly, or tucked back into canon that she'd appreciate directions to some more definitively hopeful endgames for her favorite couple.

I can think of some stories (listed below), but I bet that you all can think of many more!  After all, I'm a gen fan at heart; most of you are romance fans.  And where I lean IB and Les Mis, many of you are N&Ners!  So please pitch in, if you can.  And yes, please mention your own work, if it matches.

(I may harvest stories mentioned in comments for future recommendation-of-the-month use, so you know.)

Note: The Nick&NatPack Faction Site is still available, with members' G, PG and PG-13 and R and NC-17 fanfiction in separate archives.

Some Good N&Ner "Ever-After" Stories
(Achieving or Promising Nick/Natalie a Happy or Ordinary Future Together)

Some Good N&Ner "Interlude" Stories
(Nick/Natalie's Moment Together is Happy; Their Future is Unknown)

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