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Scenes with Both Janette and Natalie

When [personal profile] celli kindly beta-read "A Hunt by Any Other Name," my fandom_stocking Janette and Natalie stuck-in-an-elevator story, we chatted about the challenge of bringing those characters together.

The nature of Forever Knight keeps Janette and Natalie apart.  Whether we diagram the characters as a linear continuum, or overlapping circles, or atomic shells, the story structure puts Nick in the middle and Janette and Natalie to either side (with Lacroix and Schanke a step beyond them), representing Nick's different worlds, his dual nature.  Canon embodies some themes by physically anchoring Janette in her club and Natalie in her lab, while moving Nick between them (how much the club and the lab are respectively full of life and of death, and the thematic questions and reversals in that, is a fascinating topic of its own).

If I'm counting correctly, canon puts Janette and Natalie in the same scene in just 9 episodes (out of 70), for a total of 10-12 separate scenes (depending how you count scene interruptions).  They're together in the Raven 6 times, the loft 2, and once each at the morgue and a crime scene.  In aired order — which, in second season, is not production order, and not the order on the DVDs; grateful as I am for the DVDs, their order still irritates me — they are:

  1. "Cherry Blossoms." Loft. Natalie comes in on Janette and Nick, who are... necking.
  2. "Feeding the Beast." Raven. Janette calls; Schanke and Natalie arrive to confront an out-of-control Nick.
  3. "A Fate Worse Than Death."
    • Crime Scene. Janette finds the dead pimp; Nick and Natalie do their jobs.
    • Raven. Natalie extracts Celeste's bullet from Janette.
  4. "Faithful Followers." Raven. Natalie asks Janette whether she should worry about undercover Nick.
  5. "The Fix." Raven. Nick, high on lydovuterine, pulls Natalie along as he shows off his 'cure' to Janette.
  6. "Curiouser and Curiouser." Raven. Natalie examines a body shot on Janette's dance floor.
  7. "A More Permanent Hell."
    • Raven. Natalie gets reckless with Janette's booze.
    • Raven. Natalie gets reckless with Janette's customers.
    • [Off-screen, doesn't count. When Brianna asks Janette how Natalie is, Janette answers that Natalie is lying down in back, implying a "missing scene" between Janette and Natalie.]
  8. "Close Call." Loft. Natalie comes in on Nick and Janette, who are talking.
  9. "The Human Factor." Morgue. Natalie stitches up mortal Janette's wound.

Did I forget any?

[Addendum: Per pj1228, I forgot "Close Call." It's now listed. Thanks!]

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