Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Definitely Playing Rarewomen

Nominations remain open until 01/21 at rarewomen.  I've entered nominations, which is throwing my hat in the ring as fully planning to participate.  (Interested? See: approved nominations, nomination rules, schedule.)

At this time, assuming that all submitted will be accepted, here's what's on in my best-beloved fandoms:
  • FK: Natalie Lambert, Janette Ducharme, Fleur de Brabant, Urs, Tracy Vetter, Amanda Cohen, Grace Balthazar, Mai Chung, Emily Weiss, Alyssa von Linz
  • HL: Tessa Noel, Randi McFarland, Anne Lindsay, Angie Burke, Michelle Webster, Grace Chandel, Alexa Bond, Ceirdwyn, Cassandra
  • YB: Jacqueline Roget, Queen Anne (Anne of Austria), Liana the Sorceress, Charlotte Larousse, Elise Parisot
  • BSG ('78): Serina, Cassiopeia, Athena, Sheba, Tinia, Rigel

There are three pages of nominations so far.  Gehayi, Skieswideopen and I have nominated FK.  Karrenia_rune and I have nominated HL.  Penknife and I have nominated BSG ('78).  Only I've nominated YB; you guessed that, right? ~grin~

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Tags: fandoms_not_fk, fest:rarewomen, ficathons&fests

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